I did a lot of research before I decided on this particular swing and I mean A LOT. I knew the swing would be the place where I imagined my baby relaxing and napping while I tended to chores or cooking. This swing had everything I was looking for and it's so cute. I love the cute fabric design in winslet that is gender neutral, which is something I prefer. Assembly was a little time consuming but not difficult at all and the directions are easy to follow. There is an infant insert with a head rest for newborns and the fabric itself is very soft and easy to clean. There is also a cute teddy bear mobile that baby can look at that is high enough where they can't grab it. Here are my selling points for this swing:

PROS: plush fabric; machine washable padding; insert for newborns; vibrations with a low and high setting that my babies love; soothing sounds and lullabies for baby to drift off to sleep to with volume adjustments; sound is on a timer that stops on its own after so long; different rocking speeds to suit your baby's needs; swing converts to bouncer to use on the floor which is amazing; plugs into outlet so batteries aren't needed to start the swing; lightweight enough for me to move without difficulty

CONS: high vibration setting is pretty loud; I wish the teddy bear mobile spun on its own but you have to manually move it; bulky and takes up a lot of space;

In conclusion, this is hands down my favorite baby item that I've used for both kids. It has the sounds, vibrations, and rocking motion that will lull any baby to sleep and help parents catch a break. I highly recommend this swing as a must for any baby registry!

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This is the cutest outdoor toddler swing I have seen! My husband is an organic farmer, so little J watches daddy on the tractor almost every day! Now he has his own tractor! He's only 6 months old, so he doesn't really know any difference, but oh how sweet the pictures are! Here are my pros and cons:

Pros: ADORABLE. Very easy to set up- comes with ropes and rings already attached. Very sturdy. In my opinion, a little easier than the fisher price swings where you bring the plastic part up (for little ones who can't hold themselves up). This one is nice, because you set them down in the swing and clip them in with a lap belt. 

Cons: The leg holes aren't very smooth, so I usually put a blanket or towel down, so that his little legs don't get scratched up. 

All-in-all I love this swing and so does baby J. We would recommend it! 

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My parents bought this for my little one when she was 3 months old. It was easy to assemble taking about ten minutes or so. She immediately took to the colors and different things to do. Her legs were just long enough for her feet to touch the ground (she was a taller infant) and she figured bouncing out pretty quickly. She was a tiny baby but was very strong and loved to stand so this was good exercise for her, and it gave me a break from constantly holding her which was a HUGE plus. These are my opinions on this bouncer:


PROS: colorful and kid friendly design that grabs their attention; cute plush detachable frog and parrot that hang from plastic leaves above baby that they can grab and pull on as they get older; animals that hang in front of them twist for fun play; my daughter loves the spinner that makes music start and lights up different colors; sound can be adjusted and so can length to grow with baby; tray is easy to clean; dragonfly with crinkle wings is something my daughter would chew on for hours; the seat itself is comfortable and my baby doesn't lean forward or backward due to the oval shape; lightweight 


CONS: takes up a good bit of space; not easy to store because you must take completely apart (and who wants to do that every day??); the dragonfly that baby chews on cannot be removed so it can be difficult to clean


Overall, both of my kids have been entertained with this for hours leaving me with the ability to get something done or even take a bathroom break. This has been one of our favorite gifts, and I highly recommend especially for babies transitioning from the activity mat on the floor to wanting more action and to stand or bounce. I give it 5 stars!

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I received this jumper as kind of a hand-me-down, but I got it brand new.

This jumper has three downfalls, in my opinion:

1) the height. My husband and I are not tall people. Our son takes after his mommy and daddy. At 6 months, he is still not able to touch the ground in this thing. (He is average in height on the charts). This is aggravating, because I have to keep a throw pillow underneath him (which he jumps off of often).

2) The attached teether is VERY hard. He tries to gum it, but it hurts, resulting in an angry baby.

3) It is huge, heavy, and bulky.

Aside from these issues, here are the things I love- The seat is cute and soft. There are plenty of toys and distractions (a spinning wheel, a bird that twists, a mirror, hanging monkey and rhino, moveable spinning colored circles, and a spinning noise maker).


All-in-all, because my son has still not reached the floor, I prefer Jessica's choice: the rainforest Jumperoo (see above). Baby J can reach the floor in that jumper, and he loves to chew on the dragonfly. 

See this jumper HERE

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