I received this product in exchange for reviews, but all opinions are my own. I was very excited about receiving this stroller as it was pricey and I wanted to see if it fit the bill. My first impression was that it was very lightweight at 15 pounds and quite compact. It could easily fit in the trunk of a car or in a storage closet without taking up too much space. The color I received was a denim color that was very neutral, which I prefer. Here's my take on it:

PROS: very lightweight; easy to store; comes in a variety of colors; the wheels turn easily without struggle; extended shade canopy is a huge plus that can be removed ; mesh see-through pouch to monitor baby; rain cover included; storage basket underneath and cup holder on top; easy to push; can close with one hand

CONS: the instructions on how to open the stroller were not very easy to follow but after playing with it for about 10 minutes, we figured it out;the bottom storage compartment would hold no more than a small diaper bag at best so if you have multiple children this could be an issue

Overall, I would definitely recommend this stroller to other parents. It was very comfortable for my toddler to sit in and reclines in multiple positions for naps or walks in the park. I love that a rain cover was included....such a beneficial perk! The turn radius was great and I felt like my child was safe the entire time. The stroller itself is pricey at $350, but the quality is there. You won't be disappointed!

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I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. When I received the Summer Infant 3D Lite Stroller, the first thing I noticed about it was how lightweight it was. This is a huge plus for any mom who has had a C-Section and in general having to haul in and out of the car. The color I received was black and green and very gender neutral, which is something I prefer. Now let's get to the good stuff.

PROS: Very lightweight (I can easily lift with one hand), folds nice and easy, top part is very shady and even extends to keep sun out of baby's face, a surprising amount of storage space underneath for diapers, toys and snacks; it also reclines in several different positions so your baby can sit and relax comfortably; cup holder on the back; lock brakes when idle; easy to turn and maneuver

CONS: I wish it came with a tray for drinks and snacks; not enough room to store a medium or large size diaper bag underneath.

All in all, if you're looking for a good stroller that's under $100 and has some unique features such as the shade extender and recliner, this is the stroller for you.

​Purchase HERE from Amazon

This stroller was given to me at a baby shower in the color Chili Red. At first glance, I noticed how modern looking this stroller is and how simple it was. It was also lightweight but not so much that it didn't seem sturdy enough for my baby. It was easy to put together and everything really does "click" together. When my baby was old enough to go out for walks, we took her to the park and she loved this stroller. It had a nice canopy that kept her face hidden from the sun but I could still see her through the mesh pouch. It came with a removable tray for snacks, toys, bottles, etc and there is also 2 cup holders and a tray for the adult which is nice. This is handy if you're on a day trip and the tray gives baby something to do. This stroller maneuvers very nicely and we even took it over bumpy terrain often with no issues and the brakes worked great. The only negatives I encountered were the small basket compartment underneath. This does not hold much and would only hold a smaller diaper bag. Also, there is no zipper pouch on the back for phone and wallet storage like some other strollers I have seen. Overall, this is a great stroller for the price from a dependable brand and I highly recommend it!

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I broke down and bought this stroller system because of it being a Jogger. I live on 25 acres of farm land, and I love to walk with the baby. I originally didn't register for a jogger system because I thought that I would use a carrier the entire time. I did actually use the carrier for the first 4 months, but by that time, he wasn't big enough to face out yet and didn't want to face in anymore (he was too curious). The stroller is by no means an aesthetically fancy stroller, but it does the job. I chose the system so that I can have him facing me during our walks while is younger. This also gives us an extra car seat (we use the All-in-One... see our Car Seat page) for our main vehicle, but this is a great infant car seat. The base is permanently installed into the car and the seat clicks off and on very easily. It took about 15 minutes to get a handle on how to attach and detach the seat to and from the stroller, but once you figure it out, it's super easy. There are two cup holders and a little compartment to store your phone, pacifiers, etc. on the top bar. There is also a large pouch underneath to store a diaper bag. I will point out, though, that because the pouch is so low to the ground, it makes it a little difficult to push on terrain other than a sidewalk or super flat ground because it drags. The car seat has its own canopy, as well as the forward facing seat. This is nice, because when you have the car seat installed, you can close off the stroller completely, blocking baby from the sun (or germy strangers!) The suspension is great, and I have had no problems with bouncing him around our pastures. It's a pretty smooth ride. There are also two brakes, which work well, as long as you  make sure to kick them down hard enough (it takes a little shove sometimes.) All in all, for $178, this is a lower price point jogger system, and I think it is a bang for your buck!

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Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

This item was received in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. *This post is written by a third party reviewer.*

When I found out I was having twins, I made sure to research which products would make things easier on me. I thought about what I would have to do if my husband couldn't make it to a doctor's appointment, and I have two newborns. My research told me that the Chicco Keyfit infant car seats (which I also reviewed) paired with this awesome stroller was the answer. My research was spot-on! This stroller allows you to easily pop in both infant car seats (one handed!) Both infant seats face Momma, which is a feature that you don't always find.It also has two forward facing seats for when the girls get bigger. If you don't have twins, another option is one infant seat and one regular seat. There are also two canopies that can be used in any setup, and a *ZIPPER BASKET* on the bottom! No diapers falling out of the underside. The stroller seats can fully recline for naps. AND you can fold the stroller up for the car with ONE HAND! There are two child cup holders (interchangeable), as well as a parent tray with 2 cup holders. The fabric is easy to clean. Really, the only flaw that I can find in this stroller is that it's heavy, and if you're recovering from a C-section, you're going to need some help unloading/loading it in the car. (Which is true of any double stroller I've seen). 

All-in-all, I would definitely recommend this stroller to any momma with more than one baby/child!


Peg Perego YPSI Travel System

This product was received in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. 

This travel system is perfect for moms who appreciate comfortable, sleek, and functional products. This travel system includes a base, a regular stroller seat, which can be rear or forward facing, AND an infant seat that rivals the best that we have tried. The stroller is super durable and sturdy, holds up to 50 pounds, and is extremely easy to push and turn. In fact, I  had absolutely no trouble pushing my one-year-old around our pastures on the farm (clumps of grass, mud, and all)! The hood is a favorite part of mine, as it comes all the way down, so no need for a car seat cover. 

Switching from the stroller setting to the car seat setting & vice versa is a breeze! Simply pop in the links (included) and click the car seat on. (You can do this one-handed, people!) The car seat is the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido, which is one of the coziest car seats I've tried. More importantly, Peg Perego's safety standards are top-rated, including side impact protection and a Load Leg and Anti-Rebound Bar, which reduce rotation by 50% in a collision. My mama heart loves hearing those details. 

The stroller is also super simple to open and close (which is a struggle for me with about 4 out of 5 strollers). You can also purchase a bassinet attachment separately, if you're looking for more of a pram system. 

All-in-all, I have no qualms about this system. It's luxurious, nice-looking, comfortable, and most importantly- SAFE. 

Click here to buy. 

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