This was given as a gift for me at my baby shower. Upon opening, this item was a lot heavier than any bassinet I've had in the past. This can be a good thing with a toddler in the house that could potentially climb or pull on it! It's sleek design was simple and chic and with mesh siding, it gave me peace of mind knowing my baby was safe. The fact that it swivels in any and all directions was a godsend for night feedings and diaper changes! Here is my overall feedback for this bassinet.

PROS: perfect for co-sleeping and/or nursing moms; the side pushes down allowing you ease of getting baby out for night feeds and changings without having to lean over and lift (a big perk for moms who had a C-section); swivels in multiple directions for easy use; heavy and durable; pouches in the front for storage; adjusts up and down for different bed heights

CONS: because it is so heavy, it's difficult to move; doesn't adjust low enough for my bed to be at eye level; not as much storage space for diapers and wipes like some other bassinets; at around $300, it's very pricey and somewhat unaffordable

In conclusion, I highly recommend this bassinet for co sleeping and nursing mothers along with any mom that has had a c-section. It will change your life not having to lift up and down. For the asking price, I do think it is worth the hype, especially if you have other young children that are prone to climbing like I do because it also keeps them safe thanks to the heavy product weight. If you want security knowing baby is safe and the risk of SIDS is greatly reduced, this is the cream of the crop!

Buy HERE on Amazon


When I found out I was having my first child, a baby girl, I could only imagine my little angel sleeping in a beautiful bed fit for a princess and this was exactly what I was looking for. It comes with a beautiful white bedding set with ruffles and bows and a canopy that gives it that special look. The foam padding provided my baby with comfort to sleep peacefully. The wheels make it easy to maneuver around the house and can also be flipped to rock the baby like a cradle! There is a mesh storage basket underneath that is hidden by the bed skirt. This is the perfect place to store diapers, wipes, and toys. My only issue with this bassinet was that is was somewhat flimsy and not very sturdy. It supports up to 20 pounds but only weighs 12 pounds. I don't think it could withstand a toddler pulling on it. That said, this is an inexpensive purchase that my daughter loved sleeping in. It wasn't too big like a lot of bassinets out there, and she felt safe and cozy. There was plenty of storage and had the frills and feminine look I was going for. Great product!

​Buy HERE on Amazon

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(Jessica) I purchased the same brand for both my girls that included a crib, nightstand, dresser with a hutch, a chest and conversion kits. I admit my taste is more extravagant, but I saw this an investment that would pay for itself since this is a convertible crib that turns into a toddler bed and a full size bed to grow with your child. It took close to 45 minutes to assemble and the instructions weren't too difficult to follow. I've had this crib for 2 years now and these are my thoughts:


PROS: very chic and classy looking; love the matching room sets; good quality material that appears to last a long time; converts to grow with your baby; paint is thick and doesn't chip easily 


CONS: baby has made dents with hers teeth; assembly can be time consuming; takes up a good bit of space 


This is definitely not your average crib but it's quality and the fact that you have a conversion kit makes it perfect for my taste. If you want elegance, a classic and chic look, and a crib to go through every growth stage, then this is a great choice!

Purchase HERE on Amazon

(Sabrina's Review)- I put my name on this one, because, as you will see, Jessica and I have very different crib types. When I was choosing this crib, I took into account a few considerations: budget, safety, size, and the gender of my baby. We are working with a very small space, so I knew we were going with no frills. I also didn't want to spend an arm and a leg because of the short time he'll be in the crib. So, I did my research on Amazon, and I was led to this particular crib. 

I bought the grey color, because I wanted something modern and gender-neutral. This way, I could buy some cute sheets and change them out when I wanted. (I highly recommend Carousel Designs for customized sheets. Super cute!) It also comes in a ton of other colors: Emerald, Espresso, Lagoon Blue, Natural Wood, Sunshine Yellow, and Pure White. 

It was very easy to put together ( I did it myself at 7 months pregnant in a half hour). There are four adjustable mattress levels. It converts from crib, to toddler bed, to daybed, which is nice. The best part- only around $100. The mattress is not included (I researched this a ton, as well. See Mattresses

If you are looking for a beautiful crib with changing table and a high-end wood... this crib is not for you. If you are looking for a safe, budget-friendly crib that looks modern and casual, look no further. 

Buy HERE on Amazon

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I purchased this mattress after having a bad experience with the DaVinci and researched like crazy. THIS is THE MATTRESS. It is not only safe because of its firmness, but also because it is eco-friendly, with less chemicals than a standard mattress. This mattress is dual-sided (one for infant that is firmer, and a softer side (but not at all too soft) for toddlers). Let me be clear: the mattress is extremely firm on the infant side. But that is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends. A firm mattress lessens a baby's risk for SIDS (less likely to sink into the mattress and get their face buried). I have also realized, it is better for their development. Because the mattress is so firm, baby J has an easier time with rolling, trying to crawl, and trying to sit up. Here are my pros and cons for this mattress:

Pros: Very firm for infants. Dual-sided with a toddler side as well. Not noisy at all. Easy to clean. Eco friendly with less chemicals than a standard mattress. Comfortable to my baby. 

Cons: Some find the mattress too firm (but as I said, firm is recommended for safety reasons). Pricey at almost $200. 

I would recommend this mattress over any other. It is great quality, safe, and has been perfect for our little guy. 

Buy HERE on Amazon

This was the first crib mattress I purchased for baby J. I started him out in the bassinet, but would put him down in crib to try to get him used to it as much as I could. I wanted to love this mattress. I paid $75 for it. It wasn't a high-end mattress, but it wasn't cheap, either. It was labeled "firm" and had decent reviews on Amazon (4/5 stars), so I went for it. Here are my thoughts: 

Pros: Mattress is definitely waterproof. Easy to wipe down and clean. It is soft (which is definitely a con for infants, but I could see a toddler liking the mattress if they like softer cushioning.)

Cons: Though it is waterproof, it is covered in a loud, stiff material. I can only relate it to a pool float. This makes for noise and that is the LAST thing you want when you finally get a baby to sleep in the crib. It is FAR too SOFT for an infant. Crib mattresses for babies are supposed to be firm. It is not only better for their back, but also safer in regards to SIDS risk. On this mattress, baby would sink when he rolled over, making it difficult to get himself back and putting his face into the mattress after he tired. I immediately stopped using this mattress when he was ready to sleep in the crib. I bought the Colgate (see above). 

I would not recommend this mattress to anyone with a young baby. It may be fine for a toddler, but I would still take precautions with such a soft mattress. It is generally better for your back to sleep on a firmer surface. 

See Mattress and Reviews HERE 

I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This 4-1 chair is the most versatile infant chair on the market. It functions as a sleeper, feeder, lounger, and travel bed. The chair is made of a very sturdy plastic and covered in a velvety soft fabric that doesn’t trap heat and is very breathable. It sits at a perfect incline for your baby to be comfortable and is a total GAME-CHANGER for parents of babies with reflux. I wish I had known about this chair when my baby was a newborn because she suffered from reflux and never liked to lay flat. Both my baby and toddler love the softness of the chair along with the walls around the sides that make them feel safe and secure. Here are some of my favorite things about this chair:

  • It’s lightweight and so easy to move from room to room.

  • It’s very portable unlike a bulky pack n play or bassinet and takes up half the space, making it great for traveling. 

  • Because baby is sitting at an incline, they are able to engage with you more and see what’s going on in their surroundings allowing you to do chores (yeah right) or cook dinner

  • It’s very sturdy so my toddler cannot knock it over and my baby can’t wiggle out of it. 


This multifunctional chair is awesome and I highly recommend it to any parent whose little one suffers from GERD, reflux or even just a cold. It comes at a high price, but I think it’s worth it knowing your baby is comfortable and knowing it can give you a break from holding them. I also recommend putting this on your baby registries ladies!



I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This is an amazing toddler air mattress that comes with built-in guardrails to keep your little one safe without worrying about rolling off the sides. It comes with an electric pump with different size nozzles to make for an easy set up that takes literally 30 seconds. You can use a standard crib sheet on this mattress which is awesome. The inside mattress part inflates separately from the outer part so you can even put the crib sheet on before it gets blown up. The bed itself is very comfortable and my toddler loves to lay on it and watch tv or get ready for naps. There is no overwhelming plastic smell in my opinion. This bed is perfect for toddlers looking to transition to a toddler bed from the crib or for traveling and vacations. The blanket is 100% brushed cotton so it is nice and soft for my baby without being too heavy or hot. The design is very gender neutral and will easily work in a nursery. The natural fiber, waterproof pillow is the best toddler pillow I've come across. It has a zipper enclosure so you don't have to worry about the pillow falling out of the case, and it is so lightweight. The pillow is still fluffy after multiple uses and it is hypoallergenic and perfect for your baby's sensitive skin. I love these products and highly recommend them!

Buy Here on Amazon

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As with every soother I've tried, I purchased this out of desperation. Baby J is NOT a sleeper. We've tried the crib, pack n play, our bed, everything. This soother is SO cute. We bought the Aqua color (as shown in the picture). It plays two sounds- ocean noises and a soothing lullaby. The turtle projects blue waves all over the room. If you press the button once, the waves stay still, if you press it again, the waves move. It is, in fact soothing. He sleeps in our room and I was worried it would bother me, but it puts me right to sleep! Unfortunately, it wasn't the magic cure for our sleep issues, but luckily, it does the trick when he is screaming his lungs out. We turn Turtle on and we get a distracted, quiet baby!

As with any soother, it really depends on your child whether or not it will work. But I definitely recommend trying it. I would (and did) spend $50 for a chance at a full night of sleep!

Buy HERE on Amazon

This app has been a life saver for us. I tried the free version, then ended up paying for the upgrade for $2.99. It was well worth it. There are tons of sounds (we use all the low pitch noises + little lamb and it puts baby J to sleep like a champ.) There is also a section with animations to get baby to sleep like an aquarium with swimming fish, hot air balloons flying through clouds, and jumping sheep, all with lullabies. And lastly, there is a section for you to record yourself shushing,which is nice, too!

Find it HERE on iOS

This is the ultimate baby soother on the market! If you're looking for something to lull your baby to sleep or keep your baby occupied on a car ride then buy you need to buy this!! It has several music settings but I mainly use the ocean sound because of how soothing it is to listen to. It has these adorable sea creatures that move around and the background lights up and emits a blue color to go along with the ocean theme. The sounds other than the ocean can be somewhat loud and stimulating which is why I only leave it on the ocean sound. It comes with a remote so parents can control it too, which is a plus. Once baby gets older, he/she can kick the starfish with their feet to turn it on by themselves. Also, it velcros and  attaches to the head rest in the car, the standard part of the crib, or it can stand up on its own. The only real negative is the battery life. Go on and stock up on C batteries because the battery life is nonexistent. Other than that, this is a winning product that parents across the board will recommend and a great baby shower present moms and babies will love!

Buy HERE on Amazon

This product has been a lifesaver for my girls when it was tough to get them to sleep. This adorable stuffed animal lamb doubles as a sound machine that mimics the womb and plays sweet lullabies that both my babies love! This is perfect for parents sleep training or just to help drown out the noise for naps. It has a timer that only stays on for about 30 minutes to get your baby off to sleep, but I wish it had a continuous play or lasted longer. The best part about this sheep is that it's Velcro and attaches to cribs, swings, strollers and chairs so your baby will have it near them all the time! Overall, this is a great baby shower gift for new parents!

Buy HERE on Amazon

I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This projector has all the bells and whistles to help get your little one to sleep. It has a cord for plugging into the wall with ample length so no need to worry about batteries. It has an option for projection with 3 different slides that are easy to get in and easy to remove from the tray. The slides are shapes, animals, and the sun and moon. My babies prefer the animals and my toddler has learned more animals through recognition from this which is an added bonus! It has a timer, lighting that has different dimming options, and it plays soothing lullabies and sounds. My babies love this projector!!!

Purchase HERE

Halo SnoozyPod

I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This awesome soother is perfect for either a baby transitioning to the crib or a toddler transitioning to a toddler bed. It was easy to set up and place under our baby’s crib mattress, and the cord was long enough to fit the standard outlet in her room. It has 2 vibration settings, 4 sounds from the noise machine, and 2 brightness settings on the nightlight. It also has an app you can install that connects it to Bluetooth allowing you to control the buttons anywhere in the house (meaning you don’t have to get up to press the buttons again!). Here are my thoughts on this product:


PROS: vibrations were very effective at soothing my baby; Bluetooth connection helps to keep baby asleep and self soothe; makes the crib/toddler bed more comfortable; white noises are soothing sounds; the nightlight is a dim amber light that won’t wake your baby; vibration can be set for 30 minutes and FADES so your child won’t startle when it stops (I LOVE THIS); sound and vibration can also be kept on continuous helping baby sleep through the night without disruptions


CONS: app is finicky and has to be restarted sometimes; buttons on the panel are sometimes difficult to operate because you don’t actually push or press them (you touch them like you would your phone); sound on the noise machine isn’t very loud like other similar devices; light isn’t really a nightlight to help you see but more of a “glow”; vibrations are only really felt near the central area where the SnoozyPod is located so that could mean bad news if your kid rolls or squirms a lot in their sleep; a little pricey at $60


Overall, this is a great option for any parent with a child that is transitioning during sleep time, especially coming from a Rock N Play or vibrating bouncer. My baby rests more comfortably with the vibrations while also maintaining a safe sleep environment. 

This would be the perfect baby shower gift so add it to your registries girls! 


Check out the Halo website where you can purchase the SnoozyPod along with other great sleep items for your baby!

Also, make sure you check out BuyBuyBaby where you can also purchase the SnoozyPod and create a baby registry! :)

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sleepwear  & linens


I received these products in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. Once your baby outgrows the swaddle phase, they still want and need the comfort and security that comes with that feeling (i.e. security blankets). Halo Sleepsacks are the perfect option for older babies and kids as they replace the need for blankets that can be kicked off or possibly cover baby’s face and provide a WEARABLE blanket that’s safe and effective for helping your little one sleep through the night. They are sleeveless to reduce overheating and the sack is loose around the hips so baby can still move around and kick (my daughter loves this). Another awesome feature is the inverted zipper which helps to not disrupt baby during those middle of the night diaper changes...believe me when I say you will LOVE that part! For the older kids, they have feet openings that allow them the mobility to stretch and move around while still having the comfort of the wearable blanket. (You might think it’s beryl one but it’s supposed to be that way as it is intended to be a blanket that covers their feet). They also have the inverted zipper for easy diaper changes and are super soft and easy to wash. If you’re looking to help your babies and toddlers sleep better and safer without worrying about covers coming off or getting too close to their face, go buy yourself a couple of these sleepsacks and give yourself some peace of mind knowing your baby is comfortable and warm :) Buy HERE

Flannel Crib Sheet

When a cold snap hits, there is nothing more aggravating than lying your sleeping baby down in his crib, only for him to immediately wake up from feeling a chill from a cold crib sheet. This is why I ventured out on a search for a safe and warm solution. In stores, the closest I could get to warm fabric was jersey, which was not what I was looking for. Then, I found myself scrolling through a few Etsy shops. My issue with most was finding a warm fabric. When I narrowed down that search, I could hardly find any that were cute! My final issue was that most of the very few shops that offered cute flannel or fleece sheets only had one or two (unattractive options) for boys. Finally, after what seemed like hours of searching, I was led to my sweet new friend, Emily’s shop- farmersgirl86. She offers adorable pattern options, ranging from our wintry plaid sheet to woodland animals, from whales to flowers. Anything you could possibly want, she can make- crib sheets, pack-n-play sheets, changing pad covers, etc. The quality is also top-notch. Not a loose stitch or pellling at all. Emily is also a dream to work with. She is super responsive and kind. If you are in the market for anything baby... check her out!

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