​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. Every mom needs this in their diaper bag or purse!! This first aid kit has a kid-friendly design and is made of high quality material.   It folds up like a wallet with a Velcro attachment and as it’s unfolded, it reveals a variety of useful and practical items from bandaids to tweezers. All of the items in this kit are good quality and brand name so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. I love how it came with different size bandages and antibacterial wipes...perfect for any scrapes and boo-boos from the playground or your back yard! I also love that you can just replace or refill with your own items once you run out to continue using it. It’s also very easy to locate in the diaper bag instead of having to dig for random items or go through a giant kit to find a couple of things. As a mom, you never know what may happen. I feel better knowing that I have all the essentials and more with this kit in case any accidents were to occur. This would also make a wonderful gift!


The Stair Barrier

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. As your baby gets older, his/her little mind becomes more inquisitive and crawling is in the near future. You must take proper precautions to baby proof your home the best that you can while also ensuring that no staircases or steps are accessible for baby to fall on or injure themselves. Here’s where The Stair Barrier comes in...


This portable gate is lightweight and made from a woven sustainable fiber that comes from recycled plastic water bottles so you can feel good knowing you’re also making an eco-friendly purchase! It took less than 5 minutes to set up at the bottom of the steps and because it has easy-to-use straps and dual-sided buckles, there was no drilling or installation of any kind. What a timesaver! This product is so unique because, unlike most other baby gates, there are no horizontal bars or open areas for little fingers to get pinched or for injuries to occur while trying to climb on it. It’s also retractable so whenever it’s not in use it can simply be rolled up to one side. This company really wanted to include everyone because they accommodate all types of staircases and railings and can even customize a stair barrier up to 100” wide!! The absolute best part about these gates though, are that they come in such cute designs and can even be personalized! That means no more eyesores in your hallway or on your porch! You will actually WANT to leave this up because it’s stylish! The only drawback so far is that it does have some give to it, and it’s not the tightest gate around. Overall, though, this is a winning product. This will keep your pets and kids safe, it’s stylish and modern, and it’s so portable that it can easily be taken to grandma’s or on vacation!


GoMamaGo Designs Vertical Crib Liners

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This product is ingenious. When I was pregnant with my baby boy, I looked at all the precious bumper sets and comforters, but refused to purchase them. Tons of research and warnings caution mothers against putting anything other than a fitted sheet in the crib, because of the SIDS and suffocation risk. The bumpers also have ties, which can be dangerous to the baby, as well. 

So, I only had a fitted sheet. My problem was that when he started his rolling stage, he would squeal when he reached the cold, hard crib slat, and would never go back to sleep. This product solves the issue, and in a SAFE, pediatrician-recommended way! The liners zip on each individual slat, still leaving breathing room, but providing just enough cushion that baby doesn't have the discomfort of touching the slats. 

Now that Jackson is over a year and he is moving much like a wild animal, these little babies keep his head and limbs safer, too. He even likes to play with them when he wakes up, making him a lot less grumpy, which mama appreciates.

They are super soft and minky, with lead-free zippers. You can zip multiple sections together to cover a larger slat or a big corner. They are also flexible in that they can stretch to fit 24" high slats (or higher if you rest them above the mattress) or can be scrunched for shorter slats. They come in a 24 pack, 38 pack (standard), or you can buy a 2 pack or an individual sample if you need one or two extras. They also offer a teething guard for the top rail... so SMART! 

This would be an awesome item for a registry or a baby shower gift. Please spread the word with new mamas... old school bumpers are dangerous... check these out!



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