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This pillow is on my list of registry items! I added to my registry as an afterthought, after my mom told me I didn't have enough on there. I'm so happy I did! This is something I used every day with baby J until he grew out of it. This pillow is great for lounging on the couch with baby. I would put baby boy in it after he fell asleep and sat him next to me on the couch so that I could give my arms a break. (I obviously wouldn't leave him on it alone.) The pillow cradles baby, so that he feels like he's being held. *Note that you aren't supposed to let your baby sleep on the pillow alone or leave baby unattended while he or she is on the pillow.

The pillow comes in a bunch of cute patterns for girls, boys, or gender neutral. The picture is the pillow I have. The second is the one I got for Jessica for her second baby girl (she uses it all the time, too). 

The only con is that he outgrew it at about 3 months. This was okay for us, because that's when he started rolling and squirming. We wouldn't have been able to put him in it anyway. 

I highly recommend this for anyone with a newborn or who is expecting. (Especially stay-at-home-mommas!)

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I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. I was looking for a nice comfortable pillow for my baby to rest her head on when she was laying in her bassinet or on the floor playing. The first the I noticed about this pillow is how soft and plush the memory foam cushion is. It's not so soft that you worry about baby's head sinking though. It is organic and very gentle on my baby's skin. It adjusts to your little one's head and shapes it preventing flat head syndrome. I personally have not dealt with that but do know some mothers that have, and they wish they would have had a pillow like this to save themselves specialists visits and money. I admit I was somewhat wary about the mesh cover truly being breathable, but I tested it on myself and was surprised to find that it is very breathable. This is comforting knowing I don't have to worry about baby suffocating in case she was to roll on her side at night. My favorite thing about this pillow is that it's portable and easy to throw in the diaper bag so you can tote it anywhere. It works great in the swing, pack n play, and crib. Another great perk about this pillow is that it is beneficial for babies with reflux and colic that may have a difficult time laying completely flat. I have seen where some parents have said that the 0-6 month pillow was too small for their 3 or 4 month old baby's head, but I would recommend going up a size if you are unsure. With that said, I would recommend this pillow as a perfect baby shower gift and for any parents looking to add to their child's sleep comfort!

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​​ I personally love this koala bear pillowcase! The little ears make it so kid friendly, and it fit perfectly on my toddler's pillow. The material is soft and easy to clean. Another winning product!

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Cozy Baby Blankets- Crib/Toddler Bedding

I received this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. 

These crib/toddler bedding sets are so sweet, comfy, and unique! I feel like every time I see people post pictures of their children's bedding, they all look the same. I love all things unique, and I'm all about comfort for my baby. These sets are the perfect combination of both. We received the set in a sweet little cotton bag. Opening it up, we found a heavy, HIGHEST QUALITY CRIB SHEET that I have found. I have found too often with fitted crib sheets that I'm worried about ripping it when putting it on the mattress. NOT WITH THIS SET. The sheet is beautifully sewn and thick, high quality cotton. Then, my favorite part- the blanket. I have never seen a blanket, children's or otherwise, like this one. I am obsessed, and plan on begging this shop to make me a king-sized version. It's thick and padded, but NOT HOT. It's fluffy, but comfortable cool when it's hot, and comfortably warm when it's cool. My boy tried out the sweet duckling set. He hates all things covers. He kicks them off and screams "no" whenever I cover him up... until this cute duckling hit his legs. He snuggled up and fell asleep. I'm sold. I'm a believer. Obviously, you can see in the picture, the blanket went over just as well with my niece. Jessica is a lover of all things Alice in Wonderland, so I knew she and her little Presleigh would love it. It's whimsical and girly, and we can't get enough. I cannot recommend this shop enough... and if you're looking for items for a baby, they also sell cute sleepsacks! Check them out here!

​This product was received in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This is such a cute little stuffed animal and so kid friendly. My toddler loved how soft and plush it was, and my baby loved the soft receiving blanket. The animal is about 12" and easy for little hands to grip. It has no beads or buttons which is great so you don't have to worry about baby chewing on them. The blanket is thinner which I prefer when I'm nursing because baby gets hot easily, and it has pretty satin edges to it. It's machine washable which is nice, and the hippo is easy to hand wash in cold water. This is a cute option for kids that want something to tote around to restaurants, a car ride or to a relative's house without taking up much space. 

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