I received this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. 

This station is one of the best baby products that I have owned, and I do not say that lightly. I am obsessed with this thing. I am a germaphobe to the highest degree and I refuse to change my baby's diaper in a public bathroom. This has forced me into changing his diaper in my lap, in the car, since the trunk is always full. This has always led to messes and an uncomfortable baby... until now. The Beanko straps to the front of a seat (I use the front passenger seat) and has a wedge that creates a flat mat changing area. (AWESOME). It has four pockets- one is for wipes, one is for a tablet, and the other two can be used for various other baby items (I keep diapers, cream, boogie wipes, and trash bags in them.) The pockets are HUGE, so this is really also a car organizer for baby's stuff, as well as a changing station. The mat is removable (and comfy), so you can take it out to clean it, or use it for tummy time when out and about. Another added bonus: the station can be turned around and used on the back of the front seat for front facing car seats (for organization or for tablet watching.) Don't let the $99.99 price tag scare you off. This product really is worth the money because it can be used for years after the babies are potty trained. 

I cannot recommend this product enough! Put it on your registry, or go out and buy it yourself, mommas!


or HERE on Amazon


​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. How many times have you placed baby on your freshly washed changing pad cover only to have baby have a blowout or pee on it AGAIN??? I have several covers that I alternate between but it can still be a hassle and take up time that moms don’t have. Also, sometimes even after using baby stain spray and washing the cover, those poop stains still don’t come out. Let me introduce you to your new favorite baby find...the BubBaby! The BubBaby is a wipeable changing pad cover that was invented by a genius mom who wanted to save time with her baby instead of doing extra laundry (Yes, I’m jealous I didn’t come up with this first). It has two sections: a minky part that your baby’s head lays on, and a waterproof bottom that is made of 100% non-toxic PVC-free polyurethane. The top part unzips and can be washed with the rest of your baby clothes when needed. The bottom part is AMAZING because all you need is a hygienic wipe and you’re DONE!! I received a pretty grey but it also comes in multiple minky designs on top to match any nursery! This is such a timesaver and I only wish it was around when my first daughter was an infant! This would be the perfect baby shower gift and is highly recommended!!



​This was a gift from my baby shower that I wasn't completely sure I would need. With that said, this chair is perfect for those in-between stages where baby is bored and can't crawl yet but has enough head control to sit up with assistance. The design itself can't be beat as it comes in a variety of colors to match your nursery. It has a rubbery, silicone texture that is soft and squishy and comfortable for baby. Here are my thoughts on this chair:


PROS: easy to clean and wipe down; comes in multiple colors with decorative covers that can be purchased; soft and squishy material; easy to carry around; very portable for restaurants as a booster seat; has a tray that can be purchased separately (which I bought); helps develop baby's neck muscles and head control; good for acid reflux in babies; great option for giving mom/dad a break from holding the baby; helps baby gain confidence and independence 


CONS: pointless straps that are only in the way; tall babies like mine can't use this for long at all; legs can get stuck trying to get baby out; not worth the price for the short amount of time it can be used; not made for chubby babies 


Overall, I would only recommend this chair for parents of small babies that are able to hold their heads up or if you just do not care to use a swing or rocker early on and want to replace it with this chair. I wish they came in different sizes because my two daughters are very tall and outgrew it quickly. However, it entertains the little ones and the tray is a must to purchase with it for toys and possibly feeding if you're child is still able to fit in it at that point. 

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Bumbo Seat

​I bought this product last minute before my baby's arrival because it matched her other furniture set perfectly. This is a well-made and nice looking piece that has great storage and is very sturdy. It has three levels with the top being where the changing table is and middle and bottom sections for diapers, wipes, and other baby necessities. Some people may think they don't need a changing table, but this saves lots of time having to clean up accidents or sheets from the crib or other changing spots. This is an excellent buy at $75 and goes beautifully with the Baby's Dream Crib (which I also reviewed)!

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Dream on Me Ashton Changing Table, French White

This insert has been a life-saver! If you have a baby who is holding his/her head up early, but can't quite fit in the swing, jumper, or walker OR if you have a preemie.... this is for you! Baby J has been an active, curious little guy from the get-go. He was bored just being held, but he wasn't big enough to stand in his jumper or sit in his swing (he would wobble around or fall forward). I found the Huggapod and he's been playing up a storm ever since. This allowed him to get in his toddler swing (also reviewed) outside! You can't go wrong with this awesome insert!

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​KidCo Huggapod Infant Seat Cushion Support

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This is such a great find for traveling or even just taking your baby outdoors for the day. Upon opening, the travel bed was in a carrier folded up to the size of a basketball and I was curious at how small it would be. Shocker....this thing is HUGE! I have a tall baby that fits perfectly in here with room to grow and a petite toddler that can even lay in here, so it's the best of both worlds! Next, I thought I was going to have to read a million directions to put this thing together but it literally just pops up after you remove it! This is such a cool feature and a timesaver for any busy parent. This was mainly going to be used for vacations but we tested it outdoors to keep our daughter out of the heat and it worked great. Some things I love about it are how compact and light it is (it can fit in a backpack!), the mesh doorway that's great for keeping bugs out, and the padding on the floor of the tent. I would compare the padding on the floor of this tent to the Pack N Play's changing table padding (just the vinyl covering a memory foam mat) for comfort purposes, and it's perfect for a baby. The floor padding is also attached so it's not like it moves around when baby does. Sometimes I will prop a blanket under this on our hardwood floors for extra padding but it's not completely necessary. I also love the darkness inside the tent and lining that helps baby fall asleep easier. My favorite part is how ventilated it is so I don't have to worry about suffocation.  Some things I dislike are that it can get noisy (like most tents) and if you're trying to get baby to go to sleep, this can be somewhat annoying. Also, folding it back up could be easier but if you follow the directions and watch the video, you will be fine after one try. All in all, this is such a cool product that is great for beach trips or any day spent outdoors where baby can lay safely in the shade without having to lug a bulky Pack N Play around. I would definitely recommend this product!


​KidCo PeaPod Travel Bed

​I needed something to help my baby calm down on car trips. She loves constant motion and will quit crying if someone rocks her, but obviously that’s not always an option or even feasible. I read great reviews and decided to try it out for myself. This little device is a LIFESAVER!! It honestly looks like a whoopie cushion wrapped in a soft, blue felt cover. It’s very padded so you can stick it in any car seat, stroller, chair, or even on top of or underneath baby. (My baby loves this underneath her legs!!) It already comes with batteries which is great and they screw in so you don’t have to worry about them being kicked out. The panhandle shape is perfect so you don’t have to hunt for the vibration button, and it sticks out so you can grab it easily. It starts to slowly fade and then cuts off automatically after about 30’minutes so it won’t kill the battery. I only wish that it had an option to make it vibrate in longer increments for longer car rides. The only other negative for some people might be that the noise level can be quite loud, but this is perfect for our daughter who likes the noise. Overall, this is a wonderful product to help stop fussy babies in their tracks and to help soothe them to sleep. I highly recommended this product, and it would be a great baby shower gift!



I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. Like most mothers, I had it in my head that I would bring my new bundle of joy home and she would sleep peacefully in her crib once she was a few months old. Flash forward two years later, and I now have a toddler AND a baby in our king size bed (don’t judge!) co-sleeping with us and wouldn’t have it any other way. However, co-sleeping comes with its own challenges with a toddler that rolls around like a fish out of water throughout the night and a baby that likes to sleep on top of my chest. Cue the ComfyBumpy!! This toddler guard rail set is amazing and I only wish I would have gotten it sooner! It sets up easily with the video and instructions and even works perfectly on my large pillowtop king size mattress. It’s very cushioned so that it won’t disturb your little one if they roll into it during their sleep. Also, due to its mesh design, it’s very breathable giving you peace of mind knowing it’s safe for your child. The best thing about this guard rail in my opinion is that it folds down when not in use. This way my bed looks like adults actually sleep there instead of a toddler zone :) It’s also easy to get around formidnight bathroom trips without stumbling over it as it leaves plenty of space for you or your child since it doesn’t run the entire bed length. I was worried about changing the sheets and having to work around this but so far it has had no effect whatsoever and doesn’t get in the way at all! Also, I was concerned at how sturdy it would be and did not want something flimsy that could be toppled over easily. Once again, to my relief, the ComfyBumpy was very durable with my 2 year old and it hasn’t fallen once! There are several different ways to secure this under the mattress so you have options (suspension straps, Velcro, etc...) depending on what you prefer. This is a must for any parent that co-sleeps and is also a more durable and comfortable alternative to most of the toddler bed guard rails on the market today. This is such an excellent product and I highly recommend it!​


ComfyBumpy Toddler Guard Rail

​I received this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. 

This puppy is a life-saver for boy moms (or really anyone who changes diapers)! This changing pad not only provides a portable changing station, but it velcros to itself to create a barrier between baby hands and their bottom half! No more baby grabbing their... nether regions during a poopy change. The material is super easy to wipe clean. There are also two rings that you can clip toys to for keeping baby distracted. Another plus, the prints that come on these are super cute and trendy, and the pad itself wraps into a small clutch.


If you're a mommy having issues with a crazy, rolling, grabby baby during changes, this pad is for you! I highly recommend it for your registry or a great baby shower gift, as well! 

Buy HERE on Amazon

SnoofyBee Changing Pad

​I received this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own. This is a super handy product.  I started my 7 month old on solids a few weeks ago, so I haven't used the Tray Buddi for long, but it does its job. When you figure out how to secure it on the high chair (after a little trial and error), it really helps with drops! We haven't started finger foods yet, but little J does like to chew on his fresh food feeder (silicone toy with holes for feeding soft fruits and veggies). He loves self feeding bananas in it, which I allow him to do in the high chair (so that it doesn't get all over everything). The issue was that he was throwing it (or "accidentally dropping it") on the floor every five seconds. The Tray Buddi has saved me valuable dishwashing time!  It comes in pink and aqua, so perfect for boys and girls. It does accumulate banana mush in the mesh fairly rapidly, but I combat this with a wet soapy wash cloth! 

If you're looking to keep your floors clean and sanity intact, this product is for you!

Buy HERE on Amazon  (also available @,,

Tray Buddi

I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This is hands down one of my favorite products out there right now! These are made to hold almost all smartphones and tablets (they even have mini tablet holders!), and they come in the trendiest designs that are perfect for either gender. If your toddler is like mine, they will press any and all buttons while their favorite show is playing resulting in you having to drop what you’re doing (before a tantrum occurs and all hell breaks loose) to get it back on what they were watching. If only I had known about the CarSeat Cinema SmartPhone Holder a year ago! This comes with plastic hooks to dangle from a variety of places including your stroller, shopping cart, or the car seat. I highly recommend using this at a restaurant, since it’s an automatic protector for your phone from spills, food, and messy hands :) This product eliminates the need for worry or concern that your little one is going to touch random buttons, delete apps, or exit out of whatever they’re doing all while keeping your phone or tablet safe in a nicely padded holder with a thick plastic portion to cover the screen. Every parent needs one of these in their lives!


CarSeat Cinema SmartPhone and Tablet Cases


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