​This is a product that I previously thought I wouldn't use, but registered for it because I didn't have many low-price-point items. I'm fortunate that I did! This little drying rack is super handy and underrated. The spikes allow you to dry bottles, lids, spoons, etc. WITHOUT THEM FALLING OFF. When baby boy was a newborn, I was psycho about sterilizing EVERYTHING and it drove me crazy when I spent all this time sterilizing, then I had nowhere to put it, or would put it on my other drying mat and they would slip off onto the counter, requiring me to sterilize AGAIN. No more! This little gadget can also be supplemented with a spike (tree or flower shape) that holds pacifiers, bottle nipples, etc. I highly recommend both! 

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Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack

​This brush is great for getting those tough, hard-to-get spots in the top of the bottle that regular bottle brushes won't reach.  The silicone design makes it easy to sterilize,dishwasher safe, and it's antimicrobial so no mold! Highly recommend! 

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Innobaby 2-in-1 Silicone Bottle Brush

This is perfect to hold all of your bottles, snack cups, and even breast pump parts. It hold  a lot of items without taking up much space. It's easy to put together and very easy to clean. Simply put, I would definitely recommend this product!

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Innobaby 4 Tier Stacking Drying Rack

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This all-in-one product is very convenient and efficient and will quickly become mom’s best friend. This is a deluxe sanitation system that lets you sterilize bottles, breast pump parts, pacifiers, and other accessories in ten minutes using natural steam without harmful microwaves! You can also dry your things in as little as 30 minutes all the way up to 50 minutes with an automatic timer. The great part about this is that means no more musty smell that your damp bottles leave behind. This company goes to great lengths to make sure your baby has the cleanest items possible by adding a built-in Hepa filter to circulate clean air that is pollutant free during the drying cycle. With only one step, you can sterilize up to 8 bottles plus accessories easily. It’s also quiet and won’t wake your baby up! It’s generous in size and it holds more than most sterilizers like it. It’s quite large so if space is an issue, take that into consideration. Go do yourself a favor and buy this now or put it on your registry!


Motif Medical Tigerlilly Bottle Sterilizer & Dryer 

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This product comes in handy during your baby’s first few months with those middle-of-the-night diaper changes, and especially using winter months. Babies are naturally sensitive to cold, so why subject them to a cold baby wipe?? This container is bigger than most wipe holders I’ve seen, and tends to hold more wipes. It has three temperature settings for your baby’s preference and comfort level and even has an LED temperature display making it handy to see at night. This product is also great because it is BPA free which means it’s safer for your baby. All you do is wet the warming sponge and stack your wipes on top, then adjust the temperature as needed. It’s steam-heated, and I haven’t had any issues with pad discoloration yet. I keep this wipe warmer beside my bed so diaper changes are easy and more comfortable at night, meaning baby is more comfortable and less likely to get startled and wake up! The only negatives are it is somewhat bulky and takes up more space than other brands, and I find it more difficult to pull the wipes out without making noise at night. Other than that, I really like this product and would recommend it for sure. 


Motif Medical Daylilly Wipes Warmer

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. Let me start by saying I’m such a fan of this product. I’ve gone through a couple of other drying racks with two kids but this one definitely takes the cake. It has a detachable drip tray that collects the excess water when you’re drying your items...genius! It also come with two peg heights that you can arrange however you choose with the awesome and open layout. Because the pegs are different heights, this allows you to dry many different size pieces from pump accessories to bottles and any other items that need to dry out. I love how no water drips on my counters anymore, meaning NO MESS for me to clean it’s fast and hygienic. It also stores up nicely when not in use due to its slim design making it a space saver. This is definitely one to put on your registry at a great price!

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Nanobebe Slim Drying Rack

​I received this product in exchange for reviews but all opinions are my own. This is the best vacuum that I have ever used. I mean this 100%. This machine is magical. Not only is it perfect for carpet, rugs, hardwoods, furniture, and anything with pet hair, but it is also CORDLESS. That's right, no more walking around holding the cord, trying not to trip over it (and if you're me, wrestling with a toddler to make sure he doesn't either). It has an awesome docking station, which the vacuum easily slides into on the wall. Best of all... it's light. It's under 6 lbs! It also comes with attachments to cover ALL your bases. I started my super cleaning for company this week, and began with my first vacuum with this baby. I was amazed (and slightly disgusted) by how much dust came out of my rug. I vacuum with my old vac at least once everyday (we have a dog, and Jackson is slightly allergic). The fact that THIS MUCH was in the canister was just crazy to me. People- if you want to make your life 1000 times easier, buy this. And better, gift it to someone you love.

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Dyson Cyclone v10

This machine seems light years ahead of similar products on the market today. Not only is this a fan (with Dyson's signature bladeless technology...mind blown), but it is also an air purifier. The fan can either be on automatic (which I'll write about later) or on speed up to 10 (which is a very strong breeze). The purifier has both carbon and HEPA glass filters, trapping both harmful gases and microscopic allergens and pollutants. The purifier can oscillate up to 350 degrees, or as little as 45, or stand stationary. There is also a lighted display showing how many harmful particles (small and large) and gases are in the air. There is even an app that links to it, providing more detail. The first day I used this, I had it on automatic. The fan was off, until I burnt a piece of toast. I opened the toaster oven door, smoke rolled out, and the purifier kicked on, showing harmful pollutants in the air, and the fan kicked on high! It got rid of the smoke so quickly! I am so impressed. I mentioned before that Jackson is slightly allergic to our dog, Kanga. It is mostly a skin issue, but when it's cold and the air is thinner, I sometimes notice him sneezing or more congested. I don't think it's a coincidence that since using the Pure Cool on auto for two weeks, I have noticed a considerable difference in Jackson when Kanga is around. This would be a perfect gift for any momma out there, people with asthma or allergies, or really anyone who wants a more healthy household!

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Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifying Fan


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