​I registered for this particular carrier after doing TONS of research. I told myself that I wasn't going to use a stroller for any walks post-partum, I was going to carry baby to lose weight. AND I did! This carrier made it so much easier to do. Not going to lie... upon opening this carrier, I was intimidated. There are so many clips and straps. It looks very confusing. But after reading the instructions and fiddling with it, it really is quite simple to use. For the first six months your only option is really to have the baby in fetal position facing you. To begin with, this is great. Baby J was tiny and loved sleeping up against momma when walking. The difficult time is between the sleeping phase and 6 months when he can face out or be on your hip. Around 3 months, baby J wanted to look around and see everything. He was too curious to be all tucked in to me. There really isn't another (safe for baby) option until 6 months. Now that he is 6 months, we are using this carrier all the time! He can face out for walks, and around the house he stays on my hip when he's in a cuddlier-than-normal mood! Here are my pros and cons for this carrier: 

Pros: Tons of position options; Super comfortable- I have back problems and this carrier doesn't affect me in the slightest. The lumbar support is awesome. I wish I could wear that part all day!; Stylish looking (mine is Stone, which is a great neutral color); Great support for infant or toddler (something the wrap-style carriers tend to be lacking); Very adjustable (Will fit anyone!)

Cons: A little tricky to figure out at first; Baby J didn't like it between 3-6 months; Can get pretty hot in the fetal position during the summer. Facing out and hip carries are much better about the temp control. 

Overall, I would highly recommend this carrier to new moms, specifically those who like hiking or walking with baby (it is very supportive for this type of terrain.)


Six Position, Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby

​I ordered this wrap for walking around the house and for the interim when my baby didn't want to be in the fetal position in my Lillebaby. The wrap is fairly simple. I watched a YouTube video tutorial and I was good to go! I ordered the grey, which is very pretty. This wrap was great when he was super small, because I could walk around the house and do all of my chores while holding him. When he got a bit bigger, I twisted the wrap sideways and held him on my hip. This doesn't work after they get to be around 10  pounds, because it weighs them down too much. Now, at 6 months and 16 pounds, he loves to be carried facing out in this sling. It has great support under the legs for walking around the house. 

Pros: Lightweight, cool temperature control. Easy to figure out. Not bulky like the heavy carriers. Great for carrying around the house

Cons: Not as supportive as a heavy carrier. No lumbar support, so it is a bit painful to carry baby for long periods of time. I wouldn't recommend for long walks or hikes, as the baby weighs the sling down, requiring you to rewrap. 

Overall, I would recommend this carrier to those looking for something to carry baby around the house, but not for those looking for an outdoor/hiking/walking carrier. At $37.99, it is a low enough price to buy as a backup to your heavy carrier!

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Baby Wrap Ergo Carrier Sling -

by CuddleBug 

​My sisters bought me this carrier for my baby shower. When I first took this out of the box, I was somewhat apprehensive because I had never seen anything like it. It looked like a contraption...my tiny, fragile baby was supposed to go in that? Fast forward to after she was old enough to go on walks and I realized why so many moms have this on their wish list. The design is modern, it gives amazing back support, and it keeps baby feeling safe and secure near mommy.  Here's my take on this product:


PROS: comes in neutral colors; breathable mesh so baby doesn't get too hot; comfortable material and baby seems very comfortable; hood that can protect baby from sun or rain; exceptional back support; baby can be placed in multiple positions; well padded in the shoulder placement so it doesn't slip or hurt; very lightweight; machine washable (which is a huge bonus); clips around the waist for extra support; grows with baby from newborn up to 45 pounds


CONS: some mothers have said they can breastfeed while baby is in this, but I'm not that coordinated! ; no pockets for storing cellphone or keys; newborn had to have insert that is not included and has to be purchased separately; I found it very difficult to put on by myself 


Overall, this product is nice for parents that are outside a lot or just need a break from carrying a baby (or toddler) around the house. The lumbar support it provides sold me immediately and I highly recommend for any parent and especially moms who have had a C-Section. This is a game changer!

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Ergo baby carrier 360 cool air mesh 



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